Accident Lawyer NY

When someone has been involved in an incident and possibly injured, they may speak with a particular injury lawyer to seek legal guidance about the matter. Our New York personal injury lawyers are committed to guiding afflicted workers through the byzantine maze of documents, evidence, and paperwork necessarily to establish a valid claim and to maximize the amount of our clients' recovery from the Victim's Compensation Fund.
Injuries to bones are easy to see, while injuries to soft tissues like muscles, ligaments and tendons, and injuries to internal organs are not always apparent immediately after the auto accident and this is why it is vital to speak with an experienced New York City car accident lawyer.

New York City is a busy place, with plenty of people to meet, things to see, and places to go. Unfortunately, that means there are more chances that you'll end up with a serious injury that leaves you unable to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.
We can help you address concerns such as the availability of medical care and treatment, the need for physical rehabilitation, insurance claims and coverage, the prospect of lost paychecks or the loss of your job, and the payment of your medical bills.

To further complicate matters, there are as many types of injuries and parts of the body affected by car accidents as there are causes New York construction accident lawyer of the accidents themselves, and the injuries sustained depend heavily on the circumstances of each individual auto accident.
Since our firm opened in 1984, we have recovered several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements , including a $10.5 million verdict on behalf of a child who suffered severe brain injury due to malpractice in the prenatal care rendered to the child's mother.
Nine of our attorneys have been listed in the Best Lawyers in America as seen in New York Magazine: Stephen Mackauf , Ben Rubinowitz , Jeffrey Bloom , Anthony Gair , Howard Hershenhorn , Richard Steigman and Marijo Adimey have all been recognized as Best Lawyers and each of these attorneys have achieved multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of their clients in personal injury cases.

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