Brick Manifacturer In Cape Town

Blublok Manufacturers of superior cement products. The company is renowned for the manufacture of high quality clay stock bricks (NFP nonfacing plaster), and semiface clay stock bricks (FBA - face brick aesthetic), amongst key construction and property development companies and smaller builders alike.
The same is broadly true in Johannesburg, where the prim Public Service style of 1930s brick buildings was updated by an emergent Hillbrow vernacular, an essential feature of which, to quote historian Clive Chipkin, was the the ubiquitous facebrick” produced from a wide chromatic range of brick clays” found in and around Johannesburg.

The RamBrickTM project is one of the flagship developments in USE-IT and was conceptualised, researched and initiated by Chris for its potential in diverting and adding value to the biggest fraction of waste in South African landfills - waste soil and builders rubble.
Future plans: The planned local manufacturing of our brickmaking machinery will further contribute to cost-effectiveness while adding Cement Blocks additional sizes to the bricks that can be made, including the standard South African sized imperial brick of 140 x 356 x 88mm.

With more than a century in the professional brick pavers industry, Corobrick (Pty) Ltd has established itself as the leading brick manufacturer, distributor and marketer of clay bricks and pavers as well as associated building products in South Africa.
Our goal at Inca Concrete products is to provide premium product, quality and service to a level that exceeds our customer's expectations. Top Rock Brick Tile Manufacturers is a member of the Clay Brick association and we abide by their rules and regulations of a higher quality standard and good business ethics.
The first of their kind in the world, the bio-bricks hold out the prospect of a sustainable alternative to standard clay and concrete bricks, they hope. Clay brick has a lifespan of over 100 years, making it ideal for long lasting South African social and residential infrastructure.

We offer a range for roads, kerbing, traffic circles, factories, specialized heavy duty concrete pavers , as well as our permeable paving solution. CRDC will be testing EcoArena PRA with two major concrete manufacturers in the Western Cape as well as a major South African cement producer.
Family owned and run, we pride ourselves on our commitment to consistent customer service excellence and the provision of the highest quality products to the market. Building is constructed with our Africon Concrete Bricks, manufactured on-site by the local community.
It is from these development experiences in the brick industry that we manufacture the products which are practical and economical to use. Cement and concrete are one of the most essential and cheap building materials, as well as their many derived concrete materials like for example, ready mix concrete, cement blocks, concrete bricks, concrete columns or concrete tiles.

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