Electric Skateboard Battery Enclosures

This type of concave can be recognized by its distinctive U-shape. An enclosure is the main thing that limits your deck choice. An excellent fitting enclosure will usually help accommodate the flex and the shape of the deck to keep its attributes. Even if the enclosure is well made, it will still take a little flex out of the deck. This only happens if the enclosure goes across the deck like the Wowgo AT2’s. You will need to drill a hole for each screw on the deck.
This deck is a good deck for racing, but since it’s shorter than the Redember, it’s really more suited for fast paced urban adventures. The 40” deck makes it a great board for the streets and commuting as it’s easier to take into stores and such. If you plan on mainly just blasting through electric skateboard battery enclosure the streets and less about commuting then you may want to pick up a Redember 44 for that extra stability. Ok the greatness of the Haero Bro is all well and good, but what if you’re trying to go for the cheapest route possible? Well, then the MBS Comp 95 will be what you’re looking for.
This is one of the most critical components of an electric skateboard. Your board’s top speed will be determined by the performance of your electric motor. The enclosure for the electronic parts can make or break the stiffness or flex of the electric skateboard deck. If you’re confused as to what a drivetrain is as opposed to a motor, you’re not alone. The drive train is essentially what communicates the motor with the wheels, effectively helping to move your electric skateboard. Some of those kits mentioned above might already contain a drivetrain but, in the event that you’re building from scratch, you’re going to need some know how.

When it comes to DIY, the only restriction on your choice of deck is finding a viable enclosure for it. This is not the most popular deck but in my opinion it’s perfect for a shortboard. A shortboard needs to be light and must use a good kick tail and the Aileron has those 2 things down. It is made out of carbon fiber makes it super light. This deck has been used for esk8 in the past so it’s been proven to be a good option.
However, dual sets will provide you with extra power, which in turn will make climbing large hills effortless. Dual Motors are pricier than a single motor setup, but it may be a worthwhile investment for frequent riders. Once you have decided on the skateboard you’re going to use, it’s time to move on to the electronics.

Electric bikes have handles where you can connect the controller to a throttle device, hoverboards use gyroscopic technology to regulate speed. Skateboards are traditionally a hands-free vehicle, and it’s stable on four wheels so you can’t use weight distribution sensors. The control electronics or sometimes called the ESC is the brains of your electric skateboard.
We checked 12 prime DIYE electric skateboards over the last 3 years. You can also Narrow by model, weight, dimensions and label or choose one of our DIYE electric skateboard editorial picks. The concave on the sides is normal but what makes W concave special is the middle ridge in the center of the deck. This center combined with the sides creates the W shape. This type of concave gives lots of control and in the longboard world is used for sliding as you need lots of control over a board for that style of riding. W concave would be ideal for riders who enjoy sliding their boards or just having lots of control over their board.
Once you have an empty enclosure, you can start the placement of all other parts is based on any sequence of your choice. You can also consider using walls that previously existed to map out potential places you need to mount other devices. Aside from the BMS, the LiPos most time requires more protection.

A sturdy enclosure will ensure that all the precious little pieces that control your board don’t get shredded when you run over a curb. Wheels that are in the range of 80mm to 105mm in diameter would be a great choice. Wheels of this size will allow for better stability while steering at various velocities. Some decks come with inserts which saves a lot of time and means you don’t have to go through that annoying task of drilling and filling your holes with epoxy. You can use most decks for DIY boards and you can even look at some prebuilt board decks.
For electric skateboard purposes it’s important to have a gnarly grip. This is important because the torque from the motors is shoving your feet around which means you will want some grippy grip tape . There are many different types of concavity in decks. Some are really good for electric skateboarding, some are not. Some concave styles give better benefits for certain styles of riding than another style of concave. Position the battery and ESC in the case and plug in your charging port to the terminals of the battery, link switch to the ESC and connect your battery on the ESC.

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