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Possession of a British passport opens many doors. And precisely because it is among the strongest paperwork within the world, it's so difficult to acquire. And it is not low cost at all. Before we introduce you intimately to how you can get the precious asset and the situations you must meet, we'll inform you that from March 18 subsequent 12 months it'll come out fairly salty. As a result of only a month and a half ago the federal government determined that in the next four years the fees for certification and neutralization will increase as much as £ 1,500 for a ceremony and presentation of a British passport - up to £ a hundred and for Permanent Residence up to £ a hundred. The price for issuing a neutralization certificate is increased from £ 1005 to £ 1226.

However, to get to the purpose where you will say goodbye to a little bit over 2,000 pounds to get a precious British passport, get acquainted with what conditions you should meet.

You possibly can apply to your first British passport at Her Majesty's Passport Office if you're:

At or over 16 years of age

-To be a British citizen;

-To be a British citizen of the abroad possessions;

-To be a British citizen;

-To be of British origin and to stay overseas;

-To be a person protected by Great Britain.

Should you shouldn't have British citizenship, you should be neutralized and solely then apply for a passport. To do that, you should be 18 years of age and have resided legally in the nation for 5 or three years. If you're married to a British citizen, you have to apply for neutralization AN to pay the required payment and attach the required documents. As soon as your utility is accepted you can be invited to an official ceremony where you will swear allegiance to the Queen and the United Kingdom and then you will obtain your certificate of neutralization as a British citizen. Solely then will you be capable of apply for a British passport.

Issuing a British passport takes at least 6 weeks, and when you get your first passport you shouldn't have the chance to make the most of an categorical order, so in case you shouldn't have one other journey doc do not prepare a trip abroad earlier than obtaining your passport. Keep in mind that you'll most likely also need to attend an interview in connection with the issuance of the passport.

Vital paperwork

You should provide documents proving your identity. It is a mandatory a part of your utility. Solely original documents are accepted, not photocopies. Laminated paperwork aren't accepted exceptionally can solely be used to show a change of name.

As soon as your paperwork are completed, the Passport Offices will return them to you by regular mail. You will have the option to pay £ 3 for a registered shipment in case you need further safety.

To use for a passport you have to ship:

- a certificate of neutralization or a certificate of registration as a British citizen;

- the passport you used to enter the United Kingdom;

- photographs.

You could submit two standard passport pictures. It is not necessary to take footage in a photo studio, you are able to do it yourself in a sales space, however you must adjust to the necessities for the images - measurement 45x35mm; the Passport Photos Online are centered and brilliant sufficient to be taken on a lightweight gray or other clear background, you might have shot primarily your head and part of your shoulders, looking at you should be right in the digicam. You shouldn't be smiling, your face needs to be open, you ought to be alone within the picture, and so on.

One of many photos should have your id confirmed by a signature. This may be done by a professional who practices a recognized career and knows you. He should not be related to you, he will need to have identified you for no less than 2 years, dwell in the United Kingdom and have a British passport.

If your parents weren't born within the United Kingdom, you will need to additionally present details about them in the application - their full names, date and place of origin, date and place of marriage, and details about their mother and father. In case you wouldn't have much information about your grandparents, fill in what you know.

You can ship an inquiry to the Passport Companies to specify find out how to ship the paperwork by calling 0300 222 0000 or fax 0300 222 0222. You'll be able to connect from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 20:00. On weekends and public holidays the cellphone is answered from 09:00 to 17:00.

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