Bold, beautiful, and naturally voluminous, the kinky curl is made up of thousands of z-shaped strands. Defined by a close-knit curl pattern and luxurious volume, kinky curls wind up and out. Yet the tighter the curl, the more difficult it is for oil from the scalp to travel the length of the strand and moisturize. “kinky” hair sew in is more ap… Read More

I realized my dream of having hair restoration; I am a few months away from having a head full of hair. The best part of hair transplant procedure is that it does not need extra care and precaution. We just have to follow the basic routine of avoiding going out in the sun and keeping our head covered with a hat so as to protect it from dust and pol… Read More

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They can, however, apply for an exemption within the first three months of their studies if they wish to take out private health insurance instead. Students who are 30 years or older when commencing their studies can generally not take out statutory health insurance, and have to opt for private health insurance. Visitors Insurance comes with variou… Read More

We are four generations of shoemakers, working as a family since 1972 to bring the latest shoe trends to the New York City area. Do you know what’s more incredible than having every shoe you’ll ever need? Stores are currently open, and hours can be found on the store website, or by calling your local DSW.Sleeveless shirts or tank tops for boys … Read More